Hello, Louisville!

Today I met someone from Louisville. He’s probably going to be one of my major sources. It was pretty rad exchaging stores, and of course asking the “Where did you go to high school”question. (He went to Trinity… better not tell him that I dated guys from St. X!) For a moment there I missed home. But then I realize this place is my home now. I care what happens to it. I get mad when people are racist. But I love the people that have been there for me when I was at my lowest of lows.

I realize that when I refer to Louisville as “where my parents live” not “home.” I realize that when I am out of town having fun, but am looking forward to going back and spending time with my friends and going to Mass.

But at the same time, Louisville, Bowling Green and the entire state of Kentucky will always have a home in my heart. It’s where I grew. It’s where I met the most amazing people. It’s where I learned to stay up all night for the sake of journalism. It’s where I learned to love God and love others.

Life is moving pretty quickly. I might miss it if I keep writing.


One response to “Hello, Louisville!

  1. There is an intern working with me from Sunnyside, WA. Her folks have a farm near the Yakima river. She says they get your paper.

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