Running to Seattle.

Runner’s World says that if I start this Monday, I can be ready to run the Portland Marathon on October 7. That’s right a race that is a mere 16 weeks away.

Part of me says it can be done. After all I ran a half-marathon. But that took eight months. But then again I started at 2 miles. I can run at least 3 to 4 miles now, no problem. So can I pace myself to run the remaining 22 miles?

But I also haven’t ran in about a month, according to my training log.

Let’s go for a more realistic goal: The Seattle marathon! Which is almost 2 months after Portland. That gives me an extra seven weeks to train. Plus its $20 cheaper, and not as long of a drive. Problem? It’s in November, which brings concerns of whether I can cross the mountain pass. Well, there’s a solution to that also. They also have a half-marathon race. So maybe I can start with that instead…then in May run the Vancouver marathon.

Let’s make this happen. First I have to go and run, no excuses. Starting today.


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