run so hard and so fast.

Okay. I ran today. Great, a start. For the record I ran for 25 minutes, so approx. 2.5 miles.

I might get a running coach or mentor , someone to kick my ass. I am excited about the prospect.

I am generally excited about the idea of learning from amazing people who can help me advance in every part of my life….my writing, running, cooking, whatever. It’s pretty rad. I have never been about the whole man on the island thing, so I love that I am developing a community of people by incorporating them in different parts of my life.


Derek posted a great column by David Brooks about the root of the whole immigration debate. And it’s an interesting read especially in the wake of what’s going on in my backyard. All one has to do is look at the strange bedfellows here that are rooting for comprehensive immigration reform…and the equally strange bedfellows that are against it.


One response to “run so hard and so fast.

  1. can i be one part of the ass kicking and in return you have my full permission to do so in return?

    love me.

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