traveling Friday.

My Friday off was well spent. Jerome and I went to Wenatchee, another apple-growin’ town in North Central Washington (about 2 hours away) to get his Prius fixed. He swears it’s the best Toyota dealership ever. They did do a good job, so it’s probably a fair statement.

While we were waiting, we had coffee with Rochelle, my friend from the Wenatchee World. It was good to see her. She nicely paid for the both of us and we had a nice chat sitting outside the shop in downtown Wenatchee. We talked about journalism and the sessions we attended at a workshop we both attended in Portland a couple of weeks ago.

Then we met up with Jerome’s friends from college, Nate and Alana. It was sort of whirlwind meeting. We ate lunch at this bagels place then we saw the house they’re selling in a few weeks. They’re doing a whole bunch of fixing up for the house, so we didn’t have much time to see them. I hope to get to know them better if they ever come to Yakima.

A brief stop at Costco…then we decide to drive over to this place:

Leavenworth, Washington. Located right off the North Cascades mountains, this town revitalized itself in the 1950s by making the entire business district a Bavarian theme. Even the Safeway, Starbucks and other big chain stores are in Bavarian architecture. It’s in their planning code. Can’t do Bavarian, and you can’t do business here.

Anyway we walked around the touristy shops and some of the other cute places, heard the sounds of accordian players. I am sure Austria and Germany are much better than this, but it wasn’t a bad replica. I got some gifts for my family and a new cookbook at the cool kitchen store. I love kitchen stores. We ate dinner at The Alley Cafe , a nice Italian restaurant. I had this pasta with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and chicken. Yummy! I will have to learn to make this at home.

We headed home, with a stop in Ellensburg, a college town 30 minutes from Yakima, to get coffee at D&M Coffee Co.

It was fun day. We got to see friends and Jerome and I got some real good quality time after a hectic and busy week for both of us.


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  1. That’s so crazy that everything is Bavarian.

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