activity night

tonight i…

  • ate macaroni and cheese (my fave) at the Sports Center and drank a beer with Kimmy.
  • went to Susie’s Saloon with Elaine to watch the “Colgate county music search” score!
  • went back to the Sports Center with Elaine and Kimmy and met up with Mandy, her friend, Kristin, Danny and Randy. Had a gin and tonic (Thanks, kimmy), lots of water and free french fries (not to be mixed up with freedom fries. Thanks, Sports Center!)
  • went to Arty’s for Karaoke. Sang the following:Madonna’s “Holiday,” Lupe Fiasco’s “I Gotcha,” Chic’s “Le Freak” and Nelly Futado’s “Man Eater.” Drank more free beer, but not too much.

I did not however, see the bf. Our schedules did not cross this evening. But we will have dinner tomorrow night and our evening walk, a tradition we’re trying to develop. Yahoo!

Now I just have to get through work tomorrow!


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