Pizza Hut dining

So get this, the Pizza Huts here are still dine-in. As in there’s a waitress that takes your orders and then bring it out to you. Concept?! Yes. I haven’t gone to such a Pizza Hut for years that had a waitress and all that good stuff. All the ones I’ve been to in the last few years are the ones where you order at the counter. No menus. You have to get your own drinks. So it was nice to dine in.

Jerome wanted to go dutch, but I paid for the entire thing. Modern? Of course. And why not?

Interesting conversation:  Jerome was talking about how he’s 15 years from paying off his house. And as he gets raises, he’ll pay it off faster. I then chimed in, “Yeah, and if you get married, you’ll pay it off even faster.” Which he replied. “What do you mean IF?”

I suppose by saying this I sort of accidently hinted that we might not work out. But that’s not even what i mean. I was using a hypothetical situation, not a commentary on whether we are getting married.  Really, I believe that things are going really well. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.

In other news: I tried out the iPhone. Very cool, but not worth $500 for me.


One response to “Pizza Hut dining

  1. you should try the Pizza Express in England. it’s like a way better version of Pizza Hut, because it’s a real restaurant with pasta stuff, too. I had friends in England who had declared their undying love for Pizza Express (and the kabob carts where they got chips and cheese, too).

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