I aspire to do too much.

I have a problem with overcommitment. Always have. I was the one in college who always say yes to everything. Friends, activities, schoolwork. The word “no” was virtually unknown in my vocabulary.

The problem has extended itself as i am at beginning of my adult years. I said yes to helping others, saving money, knitting, running, my job, my friends, my boyfriend, God, camping, writing, baking pies, cooking, eating out, socializing…well you get the point.

Now these things in themselves aren’t bad. No, of course not. The problem comes when I can’t do anything to my fullest ability because I’m spread in seventeen directions. As a result to said overcommitment I have:

  • not been running consistently for six months.
  • baked a pie since May
  • ate out way too much
  • not seen some friends in weeks

not been camping yet this summer.

Again you get the point.

So what do I do now? Well I guess it comes down to the dreaded P-word. prioritizing. Ive never been good at that. But at this point I will get nothing done if I try to do it all. What is my next step?

Set some priorities. Make some goals. The next entry will be a brainstorming of all the things in my life and what I truly want to do.


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