Goals update

I like updates.

So you guys are going to get one.

Anyway, the goal I’m making the best progress is trying new recipes once a week. I tried banana bread w/ flaxseed from my Bob’s Red Mill Cookbook two weeks ago.

Last week I cooked ham and cheese lasagna via a recipe from Cooking Light Magazine. I combined some techniques here. I wanted to see if I could adapt a make-ahead technique I learned from The Best Make-Ahead Recipe. Instead of making one big 9X13 pan, I split it into 9X3 loaf pans. Soak the no-bake noodles ahead of time and one fits snugly in the loaf pan. Then you layer as usual. It worked great. The only problem was that the sauce was too thin. But we’ll work on that in the future.

As for saving 5K by the end of the year; we’ll I’m still a couple of thousand of dollars away. But we’ll keep at that. I had a set back this weekend by buying lots of stuff. It’s stuff I needed, but I think I went a little overboard. But no worries. I’m good with stuff for a while.

And I have start walking and eating healthy, which is a good first step toward running a 5k. Obviously I would like to start running again. There’s a 5K on Oct. 14 which I’ll run as my test run/fitness test.


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