Jerome’s mother bought me a sewing machine yesterday. Unexpected? Yes and no.

She’s been teaching me how to sew. We’re working on making a skirt. A blue one that drapes at the bottom. We used her machine, but she quickly realized that I would have to have a machine of my own so I can really learn quickly.

So she went out and bought me this one.  It was quite a deal. It was orginally $499. But she got for much much less. It’s a pretty one…and I got to sew a couple of my hems on my skirt with it, and it was quite easy to use.

I am looking forward to sewing more skirts and cute bags.


One response to “do-it-yourself

  1. I want to learn how to sew too actually. My mother in law is quite the seamstress, but we’ll see if I ever end up with a machine myself.

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