Much is happening…

Okay, I’m improving the frequency I write in this thing, but yes I know I could be better. It’s a work in progress.


It’s going to be a busy next few months. Here’s the schedule.

April 6-May 7 – Korea!
May 24-26 – Memorial Day Weekend. Probably a weekend in Portland with Elizabeth.
June 14-June 21- J-Dawes Wedding in BG /Family Visit in Louisville /Girls’ weekend in Chicago.
July 22-29 – Unity conference in Chicago.

That equals about $781 in plane tickets and about 8,000 in Delta Air miles. My budget is suffering, but if I work it right I won’t pay a lick of credit card interest or totally deplete all my savings ( I might be able to actually increase my savings..only slightly…but that’s better than nothing right?)

I ‘m excited that Western made it to the Sweet 16. I am your typical bandwagon fan, but who wouldn’t love moments like the one Ty Rogers made when he made a 3-pointer within five freakin’ seconds before the game. A small-town boy launches into national prominence with just that one shot. I love it. It’s easy to say that Western doesn’t have a chance with UCLA. But this time I will say that anything is possible, especially when UCLA has had to claw their way out of every round. My hope is the Hilltoppers will make them claw again.


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