In Korea…

Yes, I have absolutely failed in my atempts to update this blog. But Korea hasy been a busy times. Our gracious hosts have us do everything, leaving little time to even update or team blog, let alone this one.

Korea has been quite an experience. I have had a couple of mis-steps and a minor breakdown, but otherwise a wonderful trip. We have done so much. Gone to Temples, museusm, sang karaoke, and so on and so on.

Here’s a few  things to know about my trip…

  • Be careful when you complement someone on something they own. They interpt it as that you want it and will give you whatever you’re complementing on. Example, I was in a homestay and I pointed at this woman’s hat and said it was gorgeous. She ended up giving it to me.
  • The high school and university students speak excellent English, everyone else pretty much speaks little or no english.  Often many of them may understand you, but just can’t speak back to you.
  • It’s amazing how much driving we’re doing considering we’re in such a small area. This probably is because tehr’es a lot of cars and very narrow roads. Koreans are actually excellent drivers, but because of the nature of roads and such, they are also super aggressive drivers.
  • Speaking of cars…not a lot of imported automobiles. People pretty much sick to the Korean big three – Hyundai, Kia and Daewoo (which is actually partially owned by General Motors).
  • The toliet facilities are an interesting paradox. One moment you’re peeing in a hole on the floor the next you’re sitting on a toliet with heated seats and can be washed with a push of a button.
  • Everyone thinks I’m Korean. I’ve been given material in Korea, and spoken to in Korea. So much for the Asians shiould be able to tell what other Asians are theory. I don’t think I look Korean at all though. but it’s nice as it keeps me blended in.
  • The technology is something here. The GPS units here don’t only get you from point A to B…but can detail on everything you’ll encounter in our journey such as steep hills, curves, etc.  The hotel rooms electricity only works when you put the hotel key in a designated place.
  • We’ve been eating on the floor a lot. Good thing I have awesome indian-style sitting skills.
  • Lots of singing room. My favorite song to sing? West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys. The new stuff doesn’t bode really well with the crowd. (Not even Sexy Back!)

Okay I got to run. Time for dinner. Maybe there will be another update?


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