Monthly Archives: June 2009

Thank you, Scripps!

I’ve been out of town since last Thursday. I spent the first few days in Indianapolis, attending the Ted Scripps Leadership Institute. It’s a boot camp organized by the Society of Professional Journalists to equip participants with the leadership and interpersonal skills they need to run local chapters of the organizations as well as spur potential candidates for national leadership.

It was an amazing training. I felt for the first time in a little while that all is not gloom and doom. In general, I try not to succumb to such things, but lately I couldn’t help but feel depressed about things. I think I was overwhelmed with things at work and it just made feel bad. I guess we all deal with that sometimes.

Anyway the training was a wake-up call about the importance of my involvement in my local SPJ chapter. I learned a lot more about how SPJ is run nationally. I also learned about all the neat resources the organization has to offer.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was sort of a speed dating-esque session designed to discuss ideas with other participants on everything from recruiting and retaining local chapter members to programming ideas. I came away from that session with a ton of notes.

I also met some great people. We also had quite a bit of time to get to know each other. The organizers always had us sit with different people during each session and there was plenty of time to talk during mealtimes. It was tough to get to interact with everyone in such a short time, but there were a few people I ended up really having some great talks with. The best part is knowing that I have some folks that I can contact if I need some inspiration or to bounce ideas with.

Other fun stuff: a run around the IUPUI campus, duckpin bowling, a shipping container art exhibit and a drag show for the ages.

Now my focus is trying to process all this information and put it to good use. I have scheduled a time for myself to process all the notes and figure out how to best implement these ideas.