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Simple goals…

Jerome has exposed a major weakness in me last night. I tend to analyze myself and everything I’m thinking about so much that I end up paralyzed from taking any action. I realize that you can only do so much thinking and you have take action.

The problem with my goals, that I’ve thought so much about it, read so much about it, I stopped doing anything about it.

So the decision? Focus on one or two goals at a time (personal and work-related). And just figure out the first/next step.

Here are my personal goals (and the next action).

— Pay off  $1,800 in debt. (I spent a little much in S. Korea!) and have at least $2,000 in my emergency fund by the end of the summer. (Next step: develop a payment plan….)

— Be trained to run the Royal Victoria Marathon on October 12.  (Next step: Follow runner’s world returning runner’s plan until July 7 and have a long run of 65 minutes (approx 4-4.5 miles).

Encouragement is needed!!


Running log — February.

February started off great, but I totally slacked during the last two weeks. The goal is to be consistent…I need to be if I want to run that half-marathon.

Miles run: 25.85 mi
Weekly average: 6.5 mi (not great, but not horrible)
Longest run: 5 mi (yay! an improvement)
Hills: 2! (Rich people playgrounds are great workouts!)

So let’s set the 40 mile goal again. I think it’s doable, but I have to stick to it the entire month!

However, I do feel more healthy. I have been eating less junk. I only ate fast food once last month and lots more fruits and veggies. Also I can tell that my core is getting stronger.

I whistle and I run…

Actually, I’m quite poor at whistling.

But I have started running again. Yesterday I ran almost 3 miles.  And I almost ran 3 miles today. And it felt great. Every time I go out, I realize how much I love it still. So it takes 21 days to have a habit. So my hope is to have this routine down by mid-October.

I want to run, cook and save money.

I decided that instead of trying to make a whole list of goals, that I would just commit to three goals.

  1. run a 5k
  2. cook a new recipe every week
  3. save 6k by the end of the year. (Emergency Fund and new computer)

On running…

I think the reason I have failed to run is because I have rested on my laurels. Mai, you trained for a half marathon! But I realize that I am no longer at that level and I get frusrated. But where I am at that I can run 2 or 3 miles without having to train, which is great. So the start is to run a 5k to realize, that I can run. And here’s the perfect race for my comeback – the Sun City 5k. The race is in town, and I get to run through some apple orchards. And the date is just right — Oct. 14. It gives me about six weeks to shape up. Since I’m not starting from scratch, that is absolutely doable.

On cooking and baking …

I have a lot of cookbooks and I love to do it, but I realize that I often just look at the cookbooks and don’t try any of them. I was pretty inspired by Jerome’s mom when I was at his parents house the other night. She has all these cookbooks, but she actually tries the recipes out. She marks the recipes with those sticky marker things and she makes notes. How rad is that?

On saving money…

My computer is on its last legs. I’ve had it for more than five years now, and it’s literally falling apart. I love my mac at work and want my next computer to be a MacBook Pro. But the computer is expensive — about $2,000. Also I need to improve on my emergency fund to $4,000, which would give me at least 4 to 5 months of expenses should something happen.

So there you have it. My three goals until the end of the year. I’ll try to work on these and keep you all updated on how I’m doing.

everyone’s doing it!

Getting healthy that is.

And I think it’s pretty rad. I realize that I have rested too much on what I used to do, and made pretty unrealistic goals for myself. So instead of saying “I’ll run 4 miles a day” I’m going to make it simple.

Walk on the treadmill or track at the YMCA, 3 days a week for 45 minutes. Running optional.

Then…I will also do my crazy yoga booty ballet tapes (seriously) twice a week at home.

As a bonus, I am trying to go on three mile walks three times a week with Jerome.

I think that’s a reasonable goal.


yoga booty ballet: sunday, monday tuesday

walks with jerome: sunday and tuesday and saturday (tonight)

ymca treadmill: saturday.

So when it’s all said and done, I did seven workout sessions in four days. Not bad.

My diet, however, wasn’t so great. I had nachos on tuesday and friday. We’ll improve on that, though. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated.


Speaking of Jerome, we continued our second installment through all the James Bond movie last night. Tonight’s selection, “From Russia with Love.” Very nice. Action packed.

I also saw Ratatouille with him and all the crazy teenagers from St. Paul’s Thursday night. What a great flick. Good story. And it involves food! And endearing rats. What more could you want?

run so hard and so fast.

Okay. I ran today. Great, a start. For the record I ran for 25 minutes, so approx. 2.5 miles.

I might get a running coach or mentor , someone to kick my ass. I am excited about the prospect.

I am generally excited about the idea of learning from amazing people who can help me advance in every part of my life….my writing, running, cooking, whatever. It’s pretty rad. I have never been about the whole man on the island thing, so I love that I am developing a community of people by incorporating them in different parts of my life.


Derek posted a great column by David Brooks about the root of the whole immigration debate. And it’s an interesting read especially in the wake of what’s going on in my backyard. All one has to do is look at the strange bedfellows here that are rooting for comprehensive immigration reform…and the equally strange bedfellows that are against it.

Running to Seattle.

Runner’s World says that if I start this Monday, I can be ready to run the Portland Marathon on October 7. That’s right a race that is a mere 16 weeks away.

Part of me says it can be done. After all I ran a half-marathon. But that took eight months. But then again I started at 2 miles. I can run at least 3 to 4 miles now, no problem. So can I pace myself to run the remaining 22 miles?

But I also haven’t ran in about a month, according to my training log.

Let’s go for a more realistic goal: The Seattle marathon! Which is almost 2 months after Portland. That gives me an extra seven weeks to train. Plus its $20 cheaper, and not as long of a drive. Problem? It’s in November, which brings concerns of whether I can cross the mountain pass. Well, there’s a solution to that also. They also have a half-marathon race. So maybe I can start with that instead…then in May run the Vancouver marathon.

Let’s make this happen. First I have to go and run, no excuses. Starting today.