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There’s so many ways to communicate

But am I giving it my best? I have a Facebook profile and a fan page for my blog. I have a 2 Twitter accounts. I have this personal blog as well as my blog for my newspaper. I have a MySpace account. Oh yeah I still have an e-mail account and a cell phone.

I would like to think these tools are helping me communicate better with my friends and the people who read my writing. But what happens it that certain things (this blog, for example) are left with no updates while I give quickie updates elsewhere.

I know that people have short attention spans. (Heck, I do!) But I can’t help but wonder if this will end my ability to sit down and really process something fully. Or express what I’m thinking fully.

That’s what I’m thinking about Facebook. Too bad you can’t fit that in a little box.


Countdown to 2009

With a new year coming up, I’ve been thinking about the changes I want to make for my life. I realize that most people do this every year, but I’ve always been on the stance that it’s good to make GOALS, not these broad resolutions (i.e. lose weight, save money).

In 2008, it seems that everyone was taken by surprise in a horrible way. I don’t want that to happen to me, whether it’s in my personal life or in my career. So I’ll be spending the next few weeks thinking about what goals I ought to be making for next year that will keep me prepared for just about anything.

And really 2008 was pretty good:

  • I went to South Korea for an entire month. Not only did I get to experience a new culture, I got to do an awesome project for the newspaper about the popularity of Northwest sweet cherries there.
  • UNITY 2008 in Chicago. I got to know some of the AAJA Seattle crew better and made some new friends from other parts of the country. Also I learned a whole lot about multimedia, reporting and doing a kick ass job everyday.
  • I ran the Royal Victoria Marathon (half-marathon!). I ran it in 2:31:45, much faster than the half I ran in Chicago in 2005.

So yeah, I can’t complain.

A new direction

So I haven’t updated this blog in a while. And for the five people who read it, I apologize for the lack of entries.

Anyway, I thought about my Web site and what I would want it to be. I realize that I have a real opportunity to develop this into something really good.  I’ve seen some great Web sites out there (and from my friends). It’s inspired me to put a little work in this blog.  Eventually, I’d like this blog to be part of a comprehensive Web site.

To start, I have tabs to add my resume and my clips, so you can get to know a little more about my professional life. The blog will be a mix of stories, news, tidbits from both my personal and professional life.

The goal is simple — to learn to maintain and build a personal Web site and blog that will help me develop my web page making skills, my video making skills and any other -making skills required to function in the Triple-W.

Any suggestions you may have on entering this venture would be greatly appreciated.

Korean Schoolgirls

I’m sitting in the computer lab of this dorm for a girl’s school in Youngchen. There’s been middle school age girls coming in and out using the computers. I been here for a while catching up on my blog readings, checking my money situation to make sure I’m not bouncing any checking accounts and of course updating all the necessary social mediums.

Being in this dorm got me thinking about schoolgirls in Korea.

Most of them are in uniform, so they look much alike. But yet you can see personalities shine through.  It’s in in the way they laugh or the hip sneakers they wear, the only fashion statment they are able to make.

They love seeing English-speaking people. They have spent years learning English grammar and conversation, but don’t have much opportunity to use it. They use the greetings they were taught.

“Hello!” “Nice to Meet You” and oddly enough “I love you.” 

The third statement is scary considering how much fear there is from American girls and boys to use it when they are dating or in a relationship. I think back about how big of a deal it was when Jerome and I said that we loved each other. I laugh when these girls feel free to say it freely to people they barely know. But then again, when you are a schoolgirl, love is fleeting. So perhaps it is appropriate to express for a moment, how much you love that American or Canadian. That you love them because you can finally practice the English you were taught since the age of 9 or 10.


A young girl came in, answering her cell phone. She’s just one of many that are mobile. Reachable by dialing a ten-digit number. Like their parents, they don’t hesitate to answer, regardless of where they are.


When we were in sitting in on a group of 12th graders, it were the girls that asked good questions. The boys didn’t want to lose their cool. The girls, on the other hand, weren’t afraid. One asked us, “What don’t you like about Korea? Speak frankly, please.” Another asked, “What stereotypes did you have before you came to Korea?” They are shy at first to ask these questions, but you know inside they can’t wait to ask, can’t wait to practice their English.


Much is happening…

Okay, I’m improving the frequency I write in this thing, but yes I know I could be better. It’s a work in progress.


It’s going to be a busy next few months. Here’s the schedule.

April 6-May 7 – Korea!
May 24-26 – Memorial Day Weekend. Probably a weekend in Portland with Elizabeth.
June 14-June 21- J-Dawes Wedding in BG /Family Visit in Louisville /Girls’ weekend in Chicago.
July 22-29 – Unity conference in Chicago.

That equals about $781 in plane tickets and about 8,000 in Delta Air miles. My budget is suffering, but if I work it right I won’t pay a lick of credit card interest or totally deplete all my savings ( I might be able to actually increase my savings..only slightly…but that’s better than nothing right?)

I ‘m excited that Western made it to the Sweet 16. I am your typical bandwagon fan, but who wouldn’t love moments like the one Ty Rogers made when he made a 3-pointer within five freakin’ seconds before the game. A small-town boy launches into national prominence with just that one shot. I love it. It’s easy to say that Western doesn’t have a chance with UCLA. But this time I will say that anything is possible, especially when UCLA has had to claw their way out of every round. My hope is the Hilltoppers will make them claw again.


Jerome’s mother bought me a sewing machine yesterday. Unexpected? Yes and no.

She’s been teaching me how to sew. We’re working on making a skirt. A blue one that drapes at the bottom. We used her machine, but she quickly realized that I would have to have a machine of my own so I can really learn quickly.

So she went out and bought me this one.  It was quite a deal. It was orginally $499. But she got for much much less. It’s a pretty one…and I got to sew a couple of my hems on my skirt with it, and it was quite easy to use.

I am looking forward to sewing more skirts and cute bags.

the revolution?

The revolution starts with me. Not with Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama. Not with John McCain. Not with any political official.


The question is, do I have the guts to start it? What does that look like? Does it require me to adapt to a political ideology? Why do people stick to an ideology even when it’s completely wrong?

Some food for thought.  I’ll explain later.