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Goodbye, Seattle PI.


I have the final printed edition in my hands, purchased for $1.00. But to me, that paper will be priceless. It represents so many things.

  • The end of a two-newpspaer town
  • The realization that yes, print newspapers will die, and it will happen sooner, not later
  • The destruction of dreams and hopes for 100 or so journalists, photographers, copy editors and other staff members who worked for years, their entire lives to develop their craft.
  • The beginning of the digital age of newspapers, which is scary for many.

So where does that put me? I am exploring, thinking, brainstorming on what this new age of journalism means for someone like myself, a 20-something reporter who has pursue the path for more than a decade.

I guess I have time to develop a new career. But I’m not just ready to give up this one yet.


Here is the good news today….

My industry is changing.

For better and for worse.

I bet most of you are inclined to believe that most of it is bad. And a lot of is bad. Several newspaper companies are in bankruptcy or in danger of such, newspapers continue to try to layoff out of trouble and the revenue for our print products products have continued to dwindle.

But there is very much good going on here. And I think for the next few entries, I’m going to try to write about good stuff I see going on.

  • I want to send props to the Seattle chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association. (Disclaimer: I am involved in this organization) They have been aggressive about pushing discussion on how our industry can reinvent ourselves. Most recently they held “Choppy Waters” a conference on new ways we can distribute information. And as someone personally trying to figure out how to deal with things, I’m glad I have the support of this organization to help me along.
  • Tracy Record, of West Seattle Blog, is one of my new media heroes. And I have to say that the name is a misnomer — this is a full news site and Tracy is a really great journalist. She basically took what was a hobby and turned it into something that people check on a daily basis. And it makes enough money so Record and her family can live.
  • Finally I want to give props to Todd Bishop and John Cook of Tech Flash. The former Seattle PI reporters have basically provided a very comprehensive news site on technology. I was a big fan of both when they were blogging for the PI, and I’m glad to see that it has evolved to this site. If you love technology, you got to check it out.

I’m sick of hearing the bad news. Yes, Virginia, journalism can survive. And thrive.