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Goodbye, Seattle PI.


I have the final printed edition in my hands, purchased for $1.00. But to me, that paper will be priceless. It represents so many things.

  • The end of a two-newpspaer town
  • The realization that yes, print newspapers will die, and it will happen sooner, not later
  • The destruction of dreams and hopes for 100 or so journalists, photographers, copy editors and other staff members who worked for years, their entire lives to develop their craft.
  • The beginning of the digital age of newspapers, which is scary for many.

So where does that put me? I am exploring, thinking, brainstorming on what this new age of journalism means for someone like myself, a 20-something reporter who has pursue the path for more than a decade.

I guess I have time to develop a new career. But I’m not just ready to give up this one yet.


A new direction

So I haven’t updated this blog in a while. And for the five people who read it, I apologize for the lack of entries.

Anyway, I thought about my Web site and what I would want it to be. I realize that I have a real opportunity to develop this into something really good.  I’ve seen some great Web sites out there (and from my friends). It’s inspired me to put a little work in this blog.  Eventually, I’d like this blog to be part of a comprehensive Web site.

To start, I have tabs to add my resume and my clips, so you can get to know a little more about my professional life. The blog will be a mix of stories, news, tidbits from both my personal and professional life.

The goal is simple — to learn to maintain and build a personal Web site and blog that will help me develop my web page making skills, my video making skills and any other -making skills required to function in the Triple-W.

Any suggestions you may have on entering this venture would be greatly appreciated.